Moving means you have to check out food places that are near you (but also you don’t feel like cooking after lots of moving and unpacking LOL). Bertucci’s was first on the list. The one thing I remembered about Bertucci’s was the bread an olive oil they give you – and that alone had me pumped!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: I am sure most places are not yet back to full capacity/staff or restaurant life pre-covid, but this Bertucci’s still gave the welcoming vibe. They still have their open kitchen and brick oven for guests to watch and enjoy while dining. You could tell that this location does more take out orders as they had a whole set up for take-out when you walk in. So that meant, we made a mental note of keeping them on our take-out list in the new area! The our server was very friendly and sweet. She also made some great drinks!

Cocktails/Drinks: First thing, I did was look at the drink menu when we sat down (well after I started eating the bread they gave us LOL). I was interested in their Frose, but unfortunately their slushee machine was not working. So I ordered the Blood Orange Spritz and it was so delicious! Give it a 9/10 and would definitely order again.

Menu: Like I said, they give you rolls and olive oil to start off with, and they were delicious. We had to stop eating them before we filled up on bread before any other food. We opted to order an appetizer and selected the sampler to taste the Calabrese chicken wings, mozzarella frittas and meatballs with pomodoro. Overall a 7/10 rating. The meatballs were delicious and pair well with the sauce. The wings had a good flavor and were decently sized. However, they were not as crispy as I like. We came to the realization that we would order them to go, but then give a quick air fry for an added crunch! The mozzarella frittas were our favorite. Deep fried chunks of mozzarella slices. We would definitely order them again.

Bertucci’s is known for their brick oven pizza as well as their Italian dishes. When we arrived I had all intentions of ordering pasta, because I was in the mood for comfort food. But after watching the pizza come out of the brick oven and reading over some of the options, we ordered pizza. One was the Bertucci, which was a play on a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni and mozzarella. The other Sporkie, and it came with sweet Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato sauce. The sausage and cheese combination was delicious. The thin and crispy crust was the perfect added crunch you needed with the cheesy gooey toppings. We both ordered small pizzas but still had some to take home as leftovers. Reheated in the oven for another melty cheese and added crisp was still delicious! We give the pizzas an 8/10 rating! If you want to check out more of their menu option click here!

Tips/Recommendations: If you enjoy appetizers, definitely try one out. If you rather eat and enjoy your entire meal, the bread alone is the perfect starter for you! Definitely try their pizzas! If you do not like any of their recipes, then create your own! I love when places give you that option, because sometimes you want certain aspects from different pizzas! We did not have enough room for dessert, but next time I do want to give it a try! As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

2 thoughts on “Bertucci’s

  1. Well nothing is better than fresh bread and olive oil dip. That and the old fashioned would have made my day. The pizza looked delicious. Never ate at this place but would give it a try lol


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