Shot and Bottle (Lancaster, PA)

I am sure you heard the phrase “ hot vaxx summer.” I am sure it had different meanings for everyone, but for me it means I get to enjoy some of my favorite places again with my friends! Shot and Bottle is one of those places!

Ambiance/atmosphere: This cute little spot is located right in the square of Lancaster City. It’s within walking distance for so many shops, restaurants and bars. They have outdoor and indoor eating options! New string lighting has been added outside, really creating a great summer outdoor dining mood! Inside they have a bar and seating. Its open and bright and tons of bottles on display. They specialize in local drinks/liquors/beers and food/produce. It’s basically the a Lancaster home vibe in the form of a restaurant.

Cocktails/Drinks: As I have said, they specialize in local made drinks/liquors. They have a variety of draft beers, wines and cocktails. Our typical go-to cocktail is the Lady Finch (9/10). It refreshing and light! This time we thought we would try something new, Rosemary Fizz (8/10). This one is just as light and refreshing. It was delicious and we ended up getting another round LOL. Lady Finch is still my favorite, though.

Menu: Their menu offers a great variety of small plates/sharable and meals. We have been here several times and tried a variety of their menu. Some of it has changed post Covid, but they still have great offerings! We ordered the buffalo fries this time (10/10). They were amazing. If you are not a hot sauce person, it may not be for you as it was drench in hot sauce, but still delicious. The fresh cut fries were not soggy and still crispy and hot! Disco fries used to be on the menu, with gravy and cheese curds, similar to a poutine (8/10). But the buffalo fries are so much better! My favorite sandwich they still have on the menu is the Ian club .If you like sweet bologna like me, then this is something you want to try! I hope they bring back their version of chicken pot pie, Lancaster county style (as a soup) but with gnocchi!

We have also gone during brunch. Mimosa’s are a must order! But they also have other fun cocktails! Fries and shine are a delicious starter for brunch! They used to have a fried chicken//mac and cheese waffle on the brunch menu, another item we hope they bring back! To check out more of their menu click here!

Tips/Recommendations: Their cocktails are fun and delicious, if you do not go for food, definitely try it for drinks. You can set at the bar and have drinks galore. If you like to snack and drink, then order the fries! Try brunch once if you enjoy brunchin with the pals! If you enjoy the cocktails, then ask your server about buying some of the local liquors to take home! As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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