Seafood Mac and Cheese

For the past holiday weekend we decided to get some crabs! We love eating crabs with a nice cold beer on the side! Whenever we have leftover crabs/crabmeat, I love to make a seafood mac and cheese! This time, I out did myself! Here is how it all came together.

After almost 2 hours of shelling the rest of the crabs, there was almost 2 cups of luscious crab meat! I took a small handful of cooked shrimp from the freezer that I defrosted and chopped up to add as well. I seasoned both with old bay seasoning. Next started water to cook the macaroni. In another pan I started to make a roux. I mixed 3 tbsp. of each butter and flour. Then stirred in 1 cup of milk and about a ½ cup of heavy cream, as I had some left in my fridge. I mixed the roux together and then seasoned with salt, white pepper, old bay, ground mustard and some garlic powder. Now it was time for cheese! I used a variety of what I had and as always, I did not measure! I used cheddar, Monterey jack and mozzarella. I continued to stir until the cheese melted.

I turned down the heat to low and then added the macaroni when it was finished. Stir it all together, then stirred in the shrimp and crab. I also added a bit more old bay seasoning! I combined and kept it on the stove for another couple minutes. Then it was time to enjoy!

What do you like to put in your seafood mac and cheese? Is there another ingredient out there that I missing? Comment below so I can try it next time!

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Seafood Mac and Cheese

  1. I actually never made seafood Mac and cheese. Yours looks delicious. You can never go wrong with any kind of Mac and cheese lol


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