Chili Mac and Cheese

Do you ever look through your freezer and find meals/food that you forgot you had in the freezer? I do all the time, specially if it gets pushed behind the ice cream LOL. I recently found some chili I froze from the last time I made it. Chili is a great meal for a cold winter day. But I will share my chili recipe another time. When the weather is warmer, chili isn’t always the best or most comforting meal you want. So I decided to level up my chili and make chili mac and cheese!

After, defrosting the chili over night I added it to a pot on medium low heat. In a smaller pot I started to make a roux. Once the butter, flour and milk begin to thicken, I added the cheese. I did a combination of whatever cheese I had in my fridge. It ended up being some havarti, provolone, cheddar and mozzarella. I seasoned it with a bit of white pepper and ground mustard.

Once the roux is complete and cheesy, I mixed it in with the chili and added a cup of macaroni. I turned the heat up a bit higher and continued to simmer the pot. As the macaroni continues to cook I added bit of goat cheese to make it creamier. When the macaroni is tender and the liquid has reduced, it’s ready to be eaten!

This was the perfect comforting meal and leftovers made a great hot lunch to pack! Have you made chili mac and cheese before? What are you secrets to the best chili mac?

Live to Eat,

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