Poached Eggs

I love a runny egg. The gooeier the better! I have always struggled to make the perfect poached egg. I either over cook them or break them. But one day while shopping at Marshal’s (you can find some great kitchen gadgets/pots etc.) I found these glorious silicone molds.

They have made it much easier to not screw up poached eggs. Simply place them in the pot and fill with water up to the fill line on the inside of the mold. I add some vinegar and salt to the water as well.

Next turn the stove to medium high. You want to bring the water to just a boil or a low and steady boil. That’s when you drop the eggs in the silicone molds. The eggs take no longer than 3 minutes. I will set my timer for 2 minutes. First I will remove the silicone molds. Second, I remove the eggs with a spoon and place them on a paper towel line plate so they are not too wet when I go to eat them.

I am not a big fan of english muffins or bread with my poached eggs. I prefer potatoes. I love to make breakfast potatoes and then top them with the poached eggs. I always season my eggs with salt and pepper. I also add everything but the bagel season to level up that taste! If I ever have left over mashed potatoes. I will mixed them with cheddar cheese and make mashed potatoes cakes. I then fry them until they are brown and crispy. I will then serve my poached eggs over the potatoes cakes.🤤🤤 Talk about a level up!!⬆️
To complete my breakfast I will add a fried breakfast meat (in between the eggs and potatoes). Pork roll is my favorite!

Have you perfected the poached egg? (where you do not need the molds LOL) I would love to hear your tips. In case I am every adventurous enough to not use my silicone molds. Comment below.👇🏽

Live to Eat,

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