Red Lobster (KOP)

If you have never been to Red Lobster – I have no idea how that is possible! LOL I have come to find out that there are people that haven’t been to one, mainly because they do not like seafood. But their BISCUITS alone are the reason to try it once! Every now and then you’ll get a seafood craving, nothing fancy, but we do not feel like cooking. So, Red Lobster is our pick.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Casual dining for dates, friends or families. The decor gives you a at sea/on a ship vibe!

Cocktails/Drinks: A wide variety of cocktails, wines, sangrias and beer for you to choose from. Check the menu for any new or seasonal cocktails as well! Our location doesn’t allow you to wait inside for a table. You need to wait outside or in your car. But the good thing was, you could order drinks at the bar and have them while you wait! So naturally I ordered our go two drinks: margarita and a double jack and coke. And then once we were seated, we ordered another. LOL

Menu: As I said before their biscuits are BOMB. They come out when you get there and you can have some throughout the meal. They have cheddar and garlic butter. You can find the box mix in stores to make at home, which I have done before. But they are just not as good as eating them at the restaurant. Their menu has a variety of appetizers. We ordered the seafood stuffed mushrooms. Rating 9/10. They were delicious and the seafood to mushroom ratio was perfect! The seasonal special on the menu is lobster fest. So naturally we ordered the specials. I ordered the Lobster, shrimp and salmon platter with green beans and mashed potatoes. Give it a 9.5/10; definitely recommend. To look more at the menu click here.

Tips/Recommendations: Give it a try if you haven’t been there before. Even if you do not like seafood. There are other options on the menu including pastas, chicken and steak! Try the biscuits. If you do finish your meal and you ask for to-go boxes, ask for to-go biscuits. You won’t be disappointed. Check out their daily deals with discounted favorites on special. (Monday: Unlimited, Endless Shrimp; Tuesday: Two for Tuesday; Wednesday: Steak& Lobster; Thursday: Throw Back Thursday; Friday: Fish Fry Friday). Lastly, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8.5/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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