Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies around the holidays? I think the better question is who can say no to cookies around the holidays? LOL I love Oreos! So to level them up, we make a chocolate chip cookie inside the Oreo! It is pretty easy, but a bit more time consuming. I decided to try aContinue reading “Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

More Sunday Funday foods .. Buffalo Chicken Sliders! Another easy and fun recipe! I followed similar steps for my buffalo chicken dip. However, I used boneless/skinless thighs. I placed the thighs in the crock pot with a bit of salt, pepper and adobo seasoning. On high I cooked them about 3 hours. I then shreddedContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Sliders”

Chicken and Zucchini Bow Ties

Another quick and easy pasta recipe with what we have in the kitchen! If you couldn’t tell (or didn’t know) pasta is my go-to quick and easy meal and cream sauces are my favorite. I started my pasta water first. Then I sautéed some frozen grilled chicken, some zucchini I chopped and minced garlic inContinue reading “Chicken and Zucchini Bow Ties”