Frankie’s Fellini Cafe (Berwyn, PA)

Need a new Italian spot that cute, small and fun? Frankie’s Fellini Café is for you! It may be my new favorite, I mean I have already gone twice and already thinking of when I can go again!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute little spot is intimate with tables and as well as bar seating. They also have outdoor seating that I cannot wait to go back in nicer weather and enjoy! The staff are super friendly, as well as the owner when you checks in on your table. It’s a great spot for delicious Italian food. I have sat both at a table and the bar and they are both great experiences. If you prefer a table, then definitely make a reservation.

Drinks: They are BYOB and it is the perfect setting for a nice bottle of wine with dinner. Or just make the food the focus and not worry about a bottle – either way works!

Menu: I don’t even know where to start with the menu LOL. First, you get bread and EVOO to start of your night and it is very hard to not eat and fill up on the bread alone because it is so good! One time, I started with the meatballs which get a 12/10. They were so delicious and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. They paired perfectly with bread and you could soak up all the yummy sauce! Another time I started with the calamari in the white wine/EVOO sauce. It was light and refreshing. It was a nice change from fried calamari and again paired well with the bread LOL. Calamari gets 11/10!

For entrees a variety were tasted and I cannot wait to taste more. The day that the meatballs were the start, for entrees it was the linguini alle vongole and penne alla asparagi both sooo good and balanced well after the meatballs with red sauce. The linguini had so many clams that were both in and out of the shell. It was light, delicious and garlicky. The penne was creamy, but not rich and the perfect amount of cheese.

The night that started with calamari, the entrees were the Sunday sauce and the veal chop. The Sunday sauce was just like eating homemade sauce as it says “like grandmas”. I already knew the meatball would be delicious, but the sweet Italian sausage was sooo good. I wish I had more!

The veal chop is not always an option and is advertise at the best on the main line. It was delicious grilled to you temperature and served with roasted mushrooms, potatoes and red peppers.  It created the perfect bite, the only downfall is it wasn’t cooked evenly. While eating the second time, I watched as they made their cannolis. So that had to be ordered to go, and it was note disappointing at all. Creamy, not sweet and another perfect bite. See full menu here!

Tips/Recommendations: As always, first you need to try it. If you plan to eat in, make a reservation! Luckily they had space at the bar when we didn’t have a reservation. I was also surprised how busy they were for take-out, so keep that in mind as an option! My must order items are the meatballs, the Sunday sauce and the cannolis. This may change the more I explore the menu LOL. But as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9.5/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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