World of Beer

Need a place with bar eats and LARGE selection of beer/ciders etc. Then World Of Beer is for you!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: A nice large bar when you walk in. Lots of tables, high tops plus outdoor seating! Staff are friendly and can make great recommendations if needed. Sitting at the bar was a great experience that I would recommend you do!

Drinks: As in the name, there is beer and ciders and other options. The list is extensive between drafts and bottles/cans. Be prepared to have so many options, and maybe have a difficult decision like me. I ordered the New Belgium Domingo sour and it was delicious and tart. I also had the Downeast Margarita cider. It would so refreshing! Click here to see the current options offered.

Menu: As I mentioned, there are some great bar eats. So some apps and flatbreads were ordered to share! The Char-grilled shrimp were cooked perfectly and served on top of garlic bread (downside was the plate was taken before all the bread was eaten)! But still good, 8/10. The Black and blue flat bread with steak, caramelized onions, mushrooms was also ordered and so delicious. It gets a 9/10. I just wish the pieces of steak were a bit bigger/chunkier. But I would still order it again! After another round of drinks, the German pretzel was ordered. It was massive, but still made great left overs. It paired so nicely with the mustard and the cheese. I am not sure what sauce was better, I say get both! I have also tasted their truffle fries – they are a must order. Delicious, crispy and salty! The fish and chips were also a good choice to order! The rest of the menu looks awesome and I can’t wait to try more if it out as well as more of the beers they offer!

Tips/Recommendations: First you want to add this to your list to try and sit at the bar. Take a peep at the beer list before you go to start and get an idea of what you want to order. I definitely recommend the pretzel with both dips! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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