M&M Dim Sum (Paoli, PA)

As you can see from the last few reviews, I was in an Asian cuisine mood! I guess you can say I was getting ready for the Chinese New Year last month LOL. My parents and I wanted to celebrate with some dim sum, but didn’t want to drive in the city. So we decided to try M&M in Paoli and they were pretty good; I will be going back!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This place is not very big, but they do have as many tables as possible to seat and feed the most people! Some staff were very friendly and helpful. Other’s did not speak the best English, but it did not take away from the experience.

Drinks: A variety or teas and sodas to pick from and we decided on black tea and water.

Menu: Unlike most dim sum places, they do not come around with a cart of options. Instead, you get a list of options and you select what you would like to order. There had descriptions and a wide variety of options. We ordered: chicken feet (for dad lol), the rice noodles stuffed with pork, pork ribs, shu mais, eggplant, and soup dumplings.

I like that this place also has a menu of entrees and other items to order. They had so many selections it was hard to decide and not over order. We ordered a pork congee to share and fried calamari. It was different to not have the carts go around, but I feel like it was nice to only order what you wanted, and not take too much food. It was a different experience but still very delicious!  I think next time I will look to try more of the menu, because the food coming out looked soo yummy!

Tips/Recommendations: It was Chinese new year weekend so they were busy. We did make a reservation, so that was helpful. Take a peek at the menu before you go, so you don’t have to waste too much time trying to figure out what to order. I think one of my favorites was the soup dumplings, I would definitely recommend ordering them! And as always try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8.5/10
Recommend: Yes

Live to Eat,

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