The Black Rose (Boston, MA)

The last couple months of 2022 were field with so many adventures and good food! I finally caught up and highlighted all of Panama; now it’s the next adventure: Boston. Mom and I did a mini weekend trip to see some of the the city and catch our first Patriot game at Gillette Stadium! We flew in and then took the metro into the city. Our plan was to check out Quincy Market first. But we we stepped out of the metro we were met with The Black Rose and signs of Irish breakfast. Soooo, we decided that it was meant for us to go into this pub for an Irish breakfast.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: The Black Rose is a corner pub, right by the metro and right by Quincey market. Inside it has high ceilings and is very open. It keeps the look and feel of a traditional pub with woodwork throughout and TVs (perfect for sports). We watched highlights of college football, NFL as well as the World Cup. It was the perfect setting. We sat at the bar and the bartender was friendly, welcoming and quick with our drinks and orders.

Drinks: They have a full bar, and yes it was 10am. So, it was only right for us to order an Irish coffee. It get’s a 10/10, as it was the best Irish coffee I have had in a long time! It was topped with fresh whipped cream that balanced so well with the coffee and Jameson. If it wasn’t the cold of November, I would have considered the iced Irish coffee. But there is always next time! LOL See the drink options here.

Menu: We still had plans to stop at Quincey Market, so we did not want to fill up on too much food. Luckily, the breakfast menu is not too big and it made deciding a bit easier for us, for once lol. We ordered the corn beef hash to share. 10/10 as the corn beef was so tender, juicy and flavorful. The gooey eggs on top paired with the corn beef so perfectly. The crispy tots were the best added salty crunch for the dish. We opted to have a white sourdough toast completely this breakfast. And now, I am hungry after writing this … but only for this meal LOL. The food was amazing and after checking out the rest of the menu, I do want to go back and try something new!

Tips/Recommendations: Add this to your “Places to try while in Boston” list and make sure you try the Irish breakfast. Especially if you love Irish Coffees and corn beef like mom and I. I would say the Irish coffee and corn beef in any form are must tries. They offer live music every day. We did not make it back, but next time we want to try more of the menu and come to enjoy their live music! They were a great spot for a drink, food and sports so keep that in mind as well! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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