Boston Chowda Co. (Quincy Market)

Quincy Market is your perfect one stop market! There are so many food stops as well as small shops, essentially almost anything you can think of is there! There are alot of seafood spots, sit down restaurants, sweets and fast food places to pick from. I am happy we stopped at The Black Rose first, because I think we would have had a harder time picking what we wanted to eat and taste. Yet, it was still a hard decision!

We had late lunch reservations, so didn’t want to over stuff ourselves. We decided soup, specifically chowder was a must have on a cold day! We decided on Boston Chowda Co. My favorite soup is New England clam, chowder and it seemed only right that I have it while up in New England. We also decided to order their “award winning” lobster bisque.

Both were delicious. Creamy, with the perfect flavor and spice combination (not too salty as some can be). Sometimes chowders and bisques can be heavy, but these were not at all! They were smooth, warm and soothing! Both will get a 10/10. It was a busy Saturday. We had to wait in a line and search for some seating. But it all worked out well! We were able to find seating inside to warm up while eating soup before we went on our next adventure.

Next time we will try and note be distracted by The Black Rose and explore more of Quincy Market. But hey, it gives us another excuse to go back LOL. I think it would be great when the weathers warmer as you can sit outside, enjoy your eats and listen to the live music around Boston!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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