Salty Pig (Boston, MA)

I may have done some research (some may say extensive research LOL). After searching places, and narrowing down options, Salty Pig was selected as it was close to the Airbnb we rented.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This small spot is located in Back Bay, right by the transit station. They have an open kitchen, with counter/bar seating. There is even a mezzanine area where they make their own dough for pizza and bread. The staff was awesome; our waitress was patient and super helpful in us making decisions!

Drinks: The drinks were strong and delicious. I ordered the Like clockwork cocktail. It was smooth, a tiny bit sweet but also citrusy and tart! 10/10. Mom ordered the cocktail of the day followed by the Snow Bird. All great and delicious drinks. Though, the Like Clockwork was my favorite and I would order it again and again LOL.

Menu: The menu is not huge, and we had the idea of order as much as we can to share! We decided on one pasta dish and one pizza. We ordered the linguini with clams and it gets a 12/10. It was light, delicious and yet creamy. The clams were juicy and tender. The pizza we ordered was the Funghi. It was topped with garlic cream, roasted mushrooms, scallions and fiore di latte. It gets a 10/10 as it was topped with tons of mushrooms just the way mom and I like it! We were too full for dessert, which I know is so surprising. But we decided to order a create your own charcuterie board to go. We saw one go by and had to get meat, cheeses and the bread to go. It became a great travel snack on our way back home and they were so delicious!

Tips/Recommendations: We made a reservation, and highly recommend doing so. They weren’t busy when we go there, but they did start to get busier. The Like clockwork cocktail is a must order! If you have a big group, then start with the charcuterie boards! But sine it was only mom and I, I am glad we saved room for the real food and got the charcuterie board to go! Definitely order the pasta and pizza, any variation. The linguini was soooo good! And as always try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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