Wahaka (Panama City, Panama)

We ended out Panama trip with a delicious Mexican dinner. Wahaka, was the perfect spot to have our last meal and may have been one of my favorite food stops of the trip! It is a bit of a Mexican-Asian fusion, but I leaned more towards their Mexican side of options.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This is a classy bar and great for dinner, dates, group gatherings at more. Late night hours, there is a DJ and it turns into a night club. The staff are friendly and give you first class treatment. It was a great last meal for a vacation!

Drinks: A good variety of drinks, including wines, cocktails and margaritas. The family decided to share a bottle of red wine, but we know me and Mexican food. I had to order a margarita! A very refreshing margarita that came in the cutest little mini pot glass with a sprig of rosemary. It’s was like a mini plant in cocktail form! It was strong yet smoothed and paired well with all the Mexican foods.

Menu: Like all great mexican restaurants, we started with chips and salsa. The chips were homemade, on the thicker side but the perfect crunch and salt ratio! The salsa was a blended smooth dip were the perfect balance of acid, salt and spice. We started off with tacos, a chorizo order and a short rib order. 10/10 for both kinds! WE also ordered the crispy pork belly that was served on top of guacamole and with tortillas to make more bite size dreamy and mouth water apps. Another 10/10 selection. Last app was my choice, chilaquiles. They were bombbbb. The perfect blend of chips, toppings and flavor!

For the main course around the table was grilled octopus, ribs and first. I decided to order the ossobuco in a birria quesadilla. AGAIN THE BOMB! The perfect flavors infused with the most tender ossobuco. The fact that it was made into a cheesy quesadilla with a beef broth bed, leveled up the dish that much more. Another 10/10!! Lastly, we had to order dessert! An order of the churros was a must. Perfectly crunchy yet soft and moist on the inside!! The other dessert we order was the motlen chocolate cake. Another 10/10 dish, that was rich, chocolatey but not too sweet at all! Click here to see the full menu!

Tips/Recommendations: First and foremost, go! Reservations are recommended, and I think it will only better your experience if you have one! Order a variety off the menu and share around the table. It was the best way for us to taste all that our stomaches craved and desired that night lol. I highly recommend the chilaquiles as well as the ossobuco birria quesadilla! Lastly, save room for dessert, because they are worth it! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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