Rolled Cold Creamery (Lancaster, PA)

Day in Lancaster must end with dessert! We picked Rolled Cold Creamy for some rolled ice cream! I had been here once before, but was wanting to come back to try it again because it was delicious and fun!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This is not your typical ice cream shop/parlor. But it gives the same friendly counter vibe! The best part is they create you flavor and toppings right in front of you. They have indoor seating for you to enjoy and continue to watch them make their rolled creations!

Menu: They use their own ice cream base they make in house (fresh every day). The base is made with fresh cream and lactose free milk from local distributors! There are other options like milkshakes, waffle sundaes and more! But rolled ice cream is speciality! It’s such a cool process to watch pour out the base and ingredients to create your flavor. There are a variety of flavor options as well as toppings. I picked cookies and mint; essentially mint chocolate chip with Oreos! 10/10!! Click here to explore the rest of the menu.

Tips/Recommendations: When we arrived there was no line, but boy did it grow rather quickly! If you go, have an idea of what you want to order so it is a quick process. Feel free to add your toppings, or pick and choose to create the best recipe! The picture above is a small, and it’s plenty. I recommend only ordering a small unless your extremely starving LOL. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES!

Live to Eat,

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