Newest review series for the blog is travel! The next chunk of posts will be highlighting and reviewing my recent travels to Panama! My cousin just moved here this past summer. It was great trip to visit and explore Panama, on both the pacific side and the Caribbean side!

We flew from Philly to Miami and the Miami to Panama City. Each flight over two hours, but it was great to break it up a bit and stretch the legs! The airport was only about 15 minutes from my cousin’s place. He lives in Costa del Este, less than 10 minutes outside Panama City. He is right on the Pacific Ocean and the views are amazing! One side of the balcony you can see the sun rise in the morning. The other side of the balcony, you can see the city line.

Throughout the trip we had a variety of foods and drinks. I will review the restaurants, tours, food and drink stops in the posts to come! Overall the food was so delicious! Panama doesn’t have a specific delicacy that they are known for. Most of the Latin American countries have similar food dishes, maybe just prepared differently. I will say the food, though delicious, did not have a powerful flavor. I was thinking there would be some flavor, spice or heat but nothing really amazing or punch your taste buds. I will say, however, the seafood was fresh, delicious and my favorite! Our first day we explored the city, the causeway; seeing the sights, Chinese memorial and the Panama Canal. We timed it right and was able to see ships pass through all three locks. Definitely something you should check out!

We also explored Beyond Van Gough and it was awesome. If you get a chance to check it out somewhere near you – it is worth it! Later in the week we explored the old city which gave some French Quarter vibes. Learned some more history of Panama City along with some good eats and drinks!

Overall a great trip. 8/10 I would recommend adding Panama to your list of places to visit. From the Panama canal, to old city and to the Caribbean side not far away at all! It is worth the visit! I can’t wait share more of the food reviews, drinks, tours and more; so stay tuned!

Live to Eat (& travel),

3 thoughts on “Panama

  1. As Maria said it was an awesome trip. If you want a relaxing place where everyone is nice and the sun is shining. Here is the place to visit. So peaceful 🙂


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