Wildwood, NJ Stops

It was a fun filled weekend with Mary Kate; it’s hard to highlight them all but I will try to review the rest of the weekend!

After a morning beach work out – we stopped at Beach Brew USA for some ice coffee! I ordered an ice mocha with oat milk. It was refreshing, smooth and not too sweet. The right amount of kick (after getting your butt kicked after a workout LOL).  8.5/10!

Next stop was for breakfast: Steak-em Up was the stop and we order breakfast pizza! Bacon, egg and cheese pizza is a genius idea! It was so delicious, and a perfect morning treat. Next time I feel like we need to order a pie with pork roll! Breakfast pizza gets a 10/10!

After a bike ride down the board walk, a stop was needed to refuel! Sam’s Pizza Palace was the next stop! Mary Kate said I cannot come to Wildwood and not taste Sam’s pizza – so a plain slice to share was ordered! Another 10/10. Sam’s pizza has the perfect balance of cheese and sauce with a crispy crust. Next time I need to sit down and enjoy more of the menu, because it is delicious!

Last stop to highlight – dessert! Ice cream at Hassles! Ice cream in honor of grandpa ❤ The flavor options were endless, so Mary Kate and I ordered two different flavors to share. One was moose tracks and the other was mint chocolate chip. This scoop ice cream was creamy and smooth. Both flavors get a 10/10!

We had a fulfilled and food filled weekend! I can’t wait to go back and explore more with Mary Kate and the Schneider family! Until next summer!

Live to Eat,

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