Latao Hot Pot (Philadelphia)

I have always wanted to try a hot pot/Korean BBQ place. We stumbled upon Latao while in the city and gave it a go!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This city spot is located not far from 30th Street Station and Drexel. They have outdoor and indoor seating. It’s the great spot for date night or a group of friends or family!

Drinks/Cocktails: They have a full dar with beer, wine and cocktails! I order a cocktail. But cannot remember the name LOL. But it was very strong and delicious!! I don’t this any of them would disappoint.

Menu: We both ordered the all you can eat hot pot! Options seemed endless with a variety veggies, noodles, seafood, meats and more! It was hard to even know where start. We selected our broth; one was the spicy tomato oxtail broth and the other was a mushroom broth! My favorite was the udon noodles and pork belly. Also enjoyed the shrimp and beef!

Tips/Recommendations: If you plan to go on the weekend, I would recommend making a reservation! We went on a random Tuesday night and it was busier than I thought it would be but we didn’t have to wait. If you enjoy hot pot, then you should order the all you can eat! But next time, we want to try their Korean BBQ side of the menu.

Recommend: YES!

Live to Eat,

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