DAN DAN (Wayne, PA)

LOVE Chinese food and you know our love P.F Chang’s. But we decided to give Dan Dan a try since it is right across the street. They did not disappoint!!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: They have modern vibe and décor with some traditional Asian influences. They have indoor, outdoor and bar seating. Again, a place to fit your mood and celebrations. It is a family style restaurant where all their items and entrees are shareable!

Drinks/Cocktails: There are a great list of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails (some seasonal ones and the go to favorites). Drinks ordered were the Passion fizz (10/10) and their old fashion (which was very strong). Not the best paired with food, but it is a good one to order and sip at the bar!

Menu: I actually looked at their menu before we came and it was big. I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to order, but knew whatever I didn’t order I was going to try again the next time! They offer chilled/cold and hot apps on their menu. Started with the chicken potstickers (9/10). They were delicious and pair well with the dipping sauce. I prefer pork or beef ones, so I would say that P.F Chang’s have those options. However, there were still good and we would recommend to those potsticker lovers!

DAN DAN is more family style portions for you to share! We ordered the house special fried rice, with chicken, pork and shrimp. To the naked eye it looks pretty normal/like plain rice. But it was packed with flavor and also ordered the lo mein with Taiwanese sausage which is a pork sausage. It gets an 11/10. It was so delicious and I think it was better than P. F Chang’s LOL. I mean I ate the whole plate. There is so much more on the menu that I would like to try. They have a variety of entrees and different cuisine that sound so good! So I do think we will be going back or doing take-out since it is across the street. I also had to end with dessert, because why not! I ordered the fried ube cakes (10/10). They were thin, crispy and not sweet at all. It was served with a maple dipping sauce on the side that provided the perfect amount of sweetness needed for after such a big meal. I would definitely order them again!

We have since gone back and ordered take out and yes we needed to try new menu items! We ordered the dumplings in chili oil as an appetizer (8/10). The chili oil was spicy but flavorful! Fried dumplings to the steam ones are preferred, but these were filled with pork and delicious. I do think they would be better when you eat in rather than to go. I decided to try the Dan Dan noodles since they were a go to favorite. I give it an 8.5/10. The flavor and spice was delicious. But it was ground pork and the flour noodles were not as good as the lo mein noodles. So personally I would order the lo mein over the favorite Dan Dan noodles LOL. This time decided to try their house special rice noodles 9/10. They were packed with flavor and meat! He would order them again as well! Click here to see the rest of their menu!

Tips/Recommendations: First recommendation, is you should definitely come and try it once. Let me know when and I will meet you there LOL. I think if you plan to come with a group, order several items for the table to share. They are bigger portions and perfect variety to share and still have a full meal. If you love lo mein as much as me, you will not be disappointed. Try the cocktails, because they are strong and next level. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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