P.F. Chang’s (Glen Mills)

Who loves Chinese food? Who loves fun cocktails? How about both? PF Chang’s is the place for you! Andy and I discovered PF’s Changs in the last year … I know we are late to the party. We ask ourselves all the time “how did we not come to this place before?” Anyways, it has be come our favorite out to eat restaurant for Chinese food and fun cocktails. We give it a 10/10!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Inside is always relaxing. It has a modern Chinese vibe and decor. Feels like a date restaurant with a modern Chinese flair!

Cocktails/Drinks: Every time we go, we try to get a different cocktail. There is so many to choose plus they have seasonal cocktails. My moto when it comes to specials/seasonal items “get and try them now before they aren’t on the menu.” We have yet to have a cocktail we didn’t like! Typically I go for the tequila cocktails. 😋 The Rising Dragon is my favorite!

Menu: Their menu has so many options. It is hard to decide what to try and order! Like the drinks, I try to get something new every time we go. We have tried some of their sushi rolls🍣, the Shrimp Tempura Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll (this was a bit too spicy for me 😛). The pork dumplings 🥟 are so good too! We have tried the Combo Fried Rice, Pork Lo Mein, Combo Pad Thai, Tonkotsu Ramen🍜 and Mongolian Beef. Honestly can’t say one bad thing about any of the entrees. I would get everything again. The Mongolian Beef was probably my favorite and Andy’s favorite was the Combo Fried Rice. When it comes to dessert, I was so sad they were out of the Bar Donuts. I have heard so many good things about them, but I have yet been able to try them. But I can say and recommend the chocolate lava cake – you can never go wrong with chocolate! Explore more of PF Chang’s menu here.

UPDATE(3/31/21): We recently tried the beef&broccoli🥦. 8/10 and we would recommend! A bit different then the Mongolian beef, but delicious! Andy once again ordered the combination fried rice, but ask for it spicy! Lastly we tried the banana spring rolls. They were perfectly crisp and naturally sweet and delicious. It was served with a pineapple🍍 coconut🥥 ice cream that I could do without. But that’s because I do not like coconuts! LOL

Tips/Recommendations: Do your best to try something new each time you go! Andy has the habit of ordering the same food every time because he knows that it is food he likes. But then I try something new and it ends up being so delicious and he wants to eat my food. A reoccurring instance when we go out; Andy always wants to eat what I order more than what he orders. 😂🙄 So make sure you try different appetizers, entrees and desserts each time you go. I don’t think there is anything on the menu that will disappoint.

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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