El Limon (Skippack, PA)

A girls day calls for ordering yummy food! El Limon has several locations, one being right by Casey’s new place (another by our place, so def need to try it). Authentic Mexican food makes for a great afternoon!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: We ordered delivery. However some locations are take-out only with Covid, others have small indoor seating and some even have outdoor seating! All the options to meet your Mexican food needs!

Menu: As most of the places I go, the menu had so many options and it was hard to choose. They have it all! As I was reading through the menu, I saw tamales and I had to order them. They offered pork and chicken, so I got one of each. They are pretty delicious; I give them a 9/10. Not the best that I have but definitely in the top 3! Ordering what to eat with the tamales was hard, but I decided on tacos. I ordered one Asada (steak) and one chorizo. The steak was flavorful and tender (8.5/10). The chorizo was definitely homemade and jam packed with flavor (10/10).

Casey ordered a carnitas tortas (which was amazing since she let me taste it LOL). Alexis ordered a chicken quesadilla. I think their chorizo would be awesome in a quesadilla. I am making a mental note for next time I order. She also ordered a chorizo sopa that was next level! Steve ordered alambre which is similar to fatijias! Moral of this review – you cannot go wrong with anything you order because it is all delicious. I mean look at those pictures! Click here to see their amazing menu! We also ordered some chips, salsa and guac. Be care because it very spicy! But the homemade chips are a great balance.

Tips/Recommendations: The tacos are a great starting point. You order them individually so you can mix up your fillings. But they are deliciously flavorful. Get a group of people and order a few things for everyone to share! If you like tamales, I definitely recommend them. I enjoyed the pork more than the chicken, but both were so good! As always, try something new every time you go.

Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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