Crispy Pork Belly

I decided to try and make more own crispy pork belly and see if it can be as good as my dad’s. I started by cutting my slices of pork belly into chunks. I seasoned them with salt and pepper. Then placed in them in a pot with water and bay leaves. I brought the pot to a boil and continued to boil the bell for about 30 minutes.

Next I removed the belly from the water and set them on a paper towel line plate to dry them. I let them cool and refrigerated them overnight. I decided to fry them for the best crispy results. The next day I took the plate out of the fridge and heated a pan with oil.  

I fried both sides of the belly until it was a crisp, golden brown color; a few minutes each side. I think they turned out pretty good! Turns out, my dad told me I bought the wrong kind of pork belly to make LOL.  I want the kind with the skin for extra crunch; aka the hunk of pork belly not the pre-sliced one I bought haha. But hey, it still tasted pretty good! Plus I ate them all – no leftovers. I think next time, I will try making them in the oven! Also try and buy the belly by the hunk! LOL

What is your favorite way to make pork belly?

Live to Eat,

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