Lola’s Garden (Ardmore, PA)

A girls weekend always requires good food and drinks! After some research and debate, we picked Lola’s Garden in Ardmore. They have only recently opened in the past few months, so they are new. And in all honesty, we made the best decision and I cannot wait to go back!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: There is indoor seating, a bar and a cute wooden patio for outdoor seating. The windows inside fully open to give you the outdoor experience but with a covered roof. So there is not a bad seat in the entire restaurant. Décor gives you garden vibes and it was the perfect setting for a summer brunch with the girls!

Drinks/Cocktails: Since we went for brunch, I did peep the menu before going. I had all intentions of ordering a mimosa. However, I didn’t even think of checking their cocktail menu for other options. As soon as I looked at it, my decision became that much harder. We ended up trying a variety of drinks: Lucy I’m Home, Butterfly Gimlet, Sweet Potpourri, The Rosebud Motel and Berry Zing. We would give them all a 10/10 and would definitely order them again! To see the rest of the cocktail menu, click here.

Menu: As I said before, I had to peep the menu prior to go because I knew it would be a difficult decision. And it 100% was a difficult decision. After creeping on insta for pictures, we started with the buttermilk biscuit board. Give this bad boy a 12/10 – yup you read that correctly. It was amazing!!! The homemade biscuits were so perfect. They were served with a honey butter, homemade jam and pimento cheese spread. All three paired well, but my favorite was the honey butter with a bit of the jam on top!

For our entrees, Lia ordered two eggs (scrambled) with bacon and breakfast potatoes. Tammy ordered the broccoli French omelet and I ordered the smoked salmon omelet. Again, we have to give everything a 10/10 because it was all so goooood! The breakfast potatoes were the best we’ve ever had and they get a 12/10 rating!  To see more of the menu, click here!

Tips/Recommendations: They were not too busy for Sunday brunch time, but we did have reservations. I would still recommend doing a reservation if you can! You can reserve outdoor or indoor seating! Brunch is a definite time to go – highly recommend! If you do, make sure you order the biscuit board and breakfast potatoes, because you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to go back and try their dinner menu, because there is no way the rest of the food will be disappointing. We took the regional rail to Ardmore and the station is only a couple minute walk – plan out your trip so you do not have to worry about enjoying cocktails too much! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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