The Exchange (Lancaster, PA)

This time of year, when outdoor dining is at the best, we love to go to rooftops! The Exchange is always one of our favorites. It has become so popular, and since COVID, it is hard to get in, so a reservation in advance, more than a few days, is always the way to go. This time we actually planned a few weeks ahead (for once), on this past first Friday and secured our spot!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: You walk in the entrance at the bottom and take the elevator ride all the way to the top! Inside it is peaceful and warming. There are various tables, booths and couches as well as a bar inside to sit at. Outside you have similar set up of tables, couches, and seating by their fire places. It is great spot for a group to enjoy drinks, apps or dinner! The staff and bartenders are friendly, and make great recommendations as well as delicious cocktails!

Drinks/Cocktails: They have a variety of beers, wines and liquors available and a list of cocktails to order. Menu’s change with the season, but honestly we have yet to have a bad drink! I ordered and it was deliciously refreshing (9/10) and Lia ordered our go-to favorite, Mood Swing (10/10).

Menu: Again, the menu changes seasonally, but we have yet to have bad experience. This time around I order their seasonal pizza with candied pork bell, peaches and a burrotta. Lia order fries. The pizza (pretty big) was deliciously. I asked for it extra crispy, which I am glad I did, because all the cheese was a bit heavy to keep all the toppings on top. I give the taste 10/10, but a 6/10 when it comes the sturdy and crispiness of the pizza, which I find important! LOL We have also order some of their other pizzas and apps and they are so delicious. To see more of their menu, click here.

Tips/Recommendations: If you plan to come here, definitely make a reservation ahead of time. With capacity restrictions in place, just going to the bar or chancing it last minute will most likely not play in your favor. While waiting for our reserved table, we heard them tell a party that the wait for bar seating was about 1 hr. 30 minutes (yet there was no one there when we got there🤷🏽‍♀️). Mood Swing is one of our favorite cocktails so give that a try! If you need a drink spot with the girls – this should be added to the top of your list. Request being on the roof side for all the views and pretty sun sets! As always, try something new every time you go.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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