Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey

Who doesn’t love cheese? Specially fried cheese curds! For our most recent girls day out, I decided to make fried cheese curds with a hot honey dipping sauce! Here is how it went!

First I started making the hot honey dipping sauce. I copied Kardea Brown’s recipe for hot honey. She serves this with a pickle brine fried chicken that sounds so delicious. Since some don’t like pickles, I will have to save the recipe for another time. LOL Anyways her hot honey recipe was easy to follow. I opted to just use the microwave and bowl, rather than the sauce pan and stove. It still turned out delicious; the perfect sweet and spicy combination!

Next up were the cheese curds. I found these cheese curds at Aldis! I followed Molly Yeh’s recipe from this salad (but opted not to have the salad part).😂 Her recipe called for a homemade beer batter that sounded like the perfect pair with fried cheese! It called for dark lager but I only had light beer, but it still turned out great! Light crispy and delicious!

I was going for a nice golden brown color, which meant that some of the cheese oozed every where and we were left with some empty batter. I didn’t have a lot of oil in my pan so it required me to flip some of the curds and cheese was everywhere! LOL I think next time I will have more oil in the pan, as well as the heat up higher. This will give the perfect flash fry so I still have the nice golden brown color but cheese still inside the batter!

These turned out to be the perfect finger food for a mother-daughter outing! Pair with the hot honey was a delicious combination! I honestly can’t wait to make them again as well as use the hot honey in more recipes -like fried chicken! Do you have your own hot honey recipe? Have you made cheese curds before?! Comment below and tell me all about it!

Live to Eat,

4 thoughts on “Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey

  1. Well no I’ve never made chocolate curds nor honey sauce but can tell you these were delicious. They paired very well with wine lol

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