Founding Farmers (KOP)

Our last stop on our most recent mommy-daughter day was the Founding Farmers. We stumbled upon this gem in between some shopping at the Town Center of King of Prussia. They had their menu post outside their front doors. We saw the words: “burgers” and “homemade pasta” and a cocktail list. We were sold and walked inside. It was awesome, and we are already thinking about when we can go back again!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: When you walked in the front door they had a counter you can order but the restaurant was upstairs. We ended up sitting at the bar (which was perfect). It bright and open with lots of wood furniture and a farmhouse like vibe. The staff was awesome. Our bartender was so friendly and helped us to make some tough decisions. They are a farm to table type restaurant and all homemade foods and ingredients.

Cocktails/Drinks: The homemade recipes start with their cocktails. All drinks and cocktails are made with homemade syrups and fresh juices. They even have their own line of spirits. I ordered a traditional margarita (10/10). Mom ordered the Dark n’ Stormy cocktail (10/10). We recommend them both!

Menu: The menu was huge, and very hard to decided. We asked our bartender for recommendations (which were spot on). We decided to order a starter and picked the prosciutto farm bread. The bread was topped with fig, mascarpone, balsamic glaze and prosciutto. We give it a 11/10. Its as so good that we ate every last piece. Not even thinking of saving room for our meals (or for dad to taste LOL). They have their own bakery and make all their own breads.🤤 I am getting so hungry just writing about it right now.

For our meals, we decided to order 2 different ones to share. We order the roasted mushroom pappardelle with an amaretto cream sauce (rating 11/10). The homemade pasta was cooked perfectly. The mushroom and sauce combination was so flavorful and delicious. The second meal we ordered was the “grilled cheese” bacon patty. They took a piece of Texas toast and sliced it thinner to make a grilled cheese that then sandwiched a bacon and cheese patty. As I said before, we ate all of our starter and would have just been fine with the pasta. But this burger was so worth the taste and having leftovers (to share with dad LOL). We give the burger a 10/10. We would recommend all we ordered and can’t wait to try more the next time we go. Check out more of their menu here!

Tips/Recommendations: If you plan on going, it will be worth making a reservation. They were pretty busy but we lucked out with seats open at the bar. Next time we would look to make a reservation. Try their bread (any kind) because you will not be disappointed. Look to order to go meals or bread to go. They also make their own homemade ice cream (which we were too full to try). But it is on our list to order the next time. So make sure you plan well and save room for dessert! Order a variety of things to share, because you will want to try as much as possible. We already have a list of what we want to try next, and I cannot wait to try their brunch/breakfast because that menu looks amazing. Lastly, as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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  1. Well you covered everything. No only thing I can add is that if we had a recorder you would have heard all of our “oos and aha and yum” lol. Definitely a return trip.

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