My latest shops!

Here’s my latest store finds that I would recommend!

I found these mini gnocchi at Target. They were the perfect bite size and were not heavy as the regular size gnocchi can be sometimes. I made them crispy fried and they were perfect.
Both the buffalo ranch chips and creme brûlée gelato I found at Lidl. The chips were spicier than I thought they would be but still delicious!! It was like eating a wing in a crunchy potato form. Rating 8.5/10, would recommend! The creme brûlée gelato I’d give 8/10 rating. It definitely satisfied the creme brûlée cravings but it was also pretty sweet. The positive side of that, I wasn’t tempted to eat too much at one time.

I found this crisper pan at Costco. I only made chicken so far. But it is perfect at cooking chicken in the oven and getting a crispy result! I am super excited to try roasting veggies next!
Did you know when there is an * on the top right corner of the price sign at Costco, that means that item will be discontinued and no longer available at Costco?

More finds at Costco! Can-Tropical is the perfect cranberry juice for drinking, mixed drinks or to make cranberry limeades.
Lately, I have been on the smoothie kick and I love adding peanut butter. But scooping from the jar can be a hassle and very messy. This PB powder is perfect for smoothies! It is also not as sweet and gives more of a natural taste. You can also make your own peanut butter by mixing the powder with water.
If you didn’t know tequila is my choice of poison and margaritas are my favorite! When I came across these classic lime mix for only $6.79 for the two pack – I had to get them!

I love dessert, who doesn’t? But also, its no fun to eat dessert alone (I do it anyways 3-5 times a week).😆

So when I found these two gelato flavors at Aldis, I had to get them. Oreo cookies, caramel and vanilla gelato and there’s triple chocolate for me! I give it a 10/10 and rates the other at 7/10, because the cookies were too soggy!

What store finds would you recommend? Any store out there I should be checking out that I am missing?! I would love to hear what!

Live to Eat,

2 thoughts on “My latest shops!

  1. Well I didn’t find the on at our Costco :(. However I did get a bag of nacho chips so all is well. I would love to try the triple choc gelato. Perhaps there will be one left when I come to visit lol. Nice finds

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