Arooga’s 462 (Lancaster, Pa)

Are you surprised that there is another sports in this review line up!? Hahah we like what we like right? Arooga’s is another great choice for sports, good eats and drinks!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: As all sports bars, Arooga’s has a ton of TVs at every angle! The bar is wrap around with some indoor and open seating. They have a patio of outdoor seating with lighting and fire places for all times of day and weather. It perfect for sporting events at any time!

Cocktails/Drinks: As expected, another sports bar with a great beer and cocktail line up! A big selection of draft beers but also cans and bottle variety offered as well. Make sure to ask your server/bartender if there are any specials! Arooga’s also has ciders and seltzers, wine and cocktails.

Menu: A big menu means it is hard to decide. There are a variety of apps, wings, salads, soups, stromboli’s, burgers, sandwiches and entrees! If you like options- don’t worry there are plenty to pick from. They also offer plantable/vegetarian options. We order the crab pretzel for the appetizer (9/10), the fajitas (9/10) and the Pulled pork n’ bacon mac (10/10). We recommend all three. The fajitas come out hot and sizzling. Lots of veggies and fixings for your tortillas. The pulled pork mac was meaty and cheesy. The perfect combination! Click here to check out their full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: If you like crab/crab dip, then we recommend that you try the crab pretzel. If you love soft pretzels like I do, you will LOVE this app! Be warned, it is filling! We purposely did not finish it to save room for our entrees, but still took left over from them home too! As a sports bar, we recommend going to watch a game! And try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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