Lidl and Store Finds

Grocery shopping is a weakness of mine. Pre-pandemic, I loved walking up and down every isle of the store to see what I could find. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a shopping list. But sometimes the best finds are not on the list. I don’t always walk up and down every isle now, but sometimes when I do – it’s worth it!

Today I went to Lidl for the first time. I have been told that it is similar to Aldi (my favorite and go-to grocery store). Lidl overall, is very comparable to Aldi! Some items are definitely cheaper at Aldi but Lidl (at least in Exton) had more of a variety and was bigger! One of the reasons I like Lidl more, they have their own bakery! Pre-covid there was pastries and bread options you could pick straight from the display. Now they have them prepackaged. Which was good for me because I was less tempted to buy pastries in bigger packs than I would be if I just wanted one.😆 But I made the #1 grocery shopping mistake today. I went to the store hungry and high emotions – aka I was more likely to impulse buy.😳 I did manage to keep myself in check for the most part! One negative about Lidl – they did not have pudding! I don’t know if it was my location or what – but when I asked an employee she told me “No, we do not have pudding.”😱 I know I was a bit shocked myself. On the positive side, I bought want I needed in addition to some fun store finds below!

I also already shared some of my favorite store finds I like to keep in my kitchen to make breakfast tacos. Below are some more of my latest finds!

I recommend trying the Irish Cream cheesecake from Aldis. It comes with a chocolate crust! The cheese curds from Aldis are perfect from snacking as they are already bite size! Plus you can use them to make your own fried cheese curds! Spicy Queso Popcorners are worth the buy! Check out my review here on my Instagram highlight! If you haven’t had Popcorners, in any flavor yet- you should! Highly recommend them as they are great (and healthier) snack!

My dad reccomended buying mini avocados because the pit is smaller. They were recently on sale at Aldi, so I thought I would give them a go. As you can see they are not much bigger than a Roma tomato. The pit inside is small and they still taste just as delicious! I find that they are size is perfect and you don’t have to worry as much about browning/them going bad either!

This Tfal Pan comes in a 3-pack and is currently on sale at Costco! They are the perfect nonstick pan. The dashed circle patterned around the T disappears once that pan has fully preheated. It’s helpful when cooking! I am obsessed with these pans and highly recommend them! They are currently they are on sale until April 4, so get them fast!

This Teriyaki Stir-fry pack I found at Costco. They are quick and easy to make in only a few minutes! You can make them on the stove or microwave. They are vegetable which gives you the freedom to add your ow protein of your choice! A great and quick meal to have on hand. Specially if you enjoy the thicker udon noodles like I do!

Have you found or bought any fun store finds lately?! I’d love to hear what and where!👇🏽

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Lidl and Store Finds

  1. We had the noodles and yes they are very good if you don’t have much time. We always add more veggies. Well worth the price. The South of the Border Nachos are delicious. Highly recommend getting 2 bags bc they are addicting. Shame they didn’t have pudding. My fav is Godiva Dark Chocolate. Best place to find it is Walmart or Giant.

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