Fogo de Chao (KOP)

Need a place to go out for a special occasion? Are you looking for a high quality steak experience? Then Fogo de Chao is the place for you! I have only been here once, but I give it a 10/10 + some!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This restaurant is a nice, quiet place. The decor is relaxing and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. You do not have one waiter/waitress assigned to your table. Every staff checks in if you need anything when they pass by. Your water glass and drinks will never be empty.

Cocktails/Bar Service: Again, I can’t stress enough how awesome the staff was, specifically when it came to drinks. First, I had the Grapefruit Gin Crush. It was so light, refreshing and a good balance of alcohol 😋 Next I tried the Superfruit Lemonade. It was a bit on the sweeter side but still light and refreshing!

Menu: They have a variety or appetizer options, entrees and seafood dishes to pick from. Our wait staff recommended the full experience (The Fogo® Churrasco Experience), as you get 10+ different options of unlimited meats🥩, plus their Feijoada Bar. Their Feijoada Bar included a variety of salads, roasted veggies, antipastos, rice, beans, soup and more. This experience also included unlimited mashed potatoes🥔, crispy polenta, Brazilian cheese bread 🧀🍞and caramelized bananas🍌. But let me go back to the unlimited meats. Yes, you did read that correctly, unlimited cuts of meat! This included a variety of cuts of steak, pork, lamb and chicken. You were able to choose the temperature of steak and everything was perfectly cooked and delicious!! Staff continually walked by asking if you wanted a certain cut. If it wasn’t what you wanted they asked and sent the correct server by your table! So if you want to try this full experience, make sure you come hungry!! See the details of this experience and Fogo’s full menu by clicking here!

Tips/Recommendations: If you choose the full experience, make sure you go light on the sides and Feijoada Bar. The cuts of meat are so delicious you want to save room! If you are not a big steak/red meat person, then I would recommend ordering off the menu. We went for dinner and both did not eat lunch. I am so happy we did skip lunch because we were hungry enough to enjoy the full experience. It was completely filling so we did not have dessert. I would love to go back again and have the full experience at lunch time. Only to give the food time to digest before I go to bed 😆.

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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