DAN DAN (Wayne, PA)

LOVE Chinese food and you know our love P.F Chang’s. But we decided to give Dan Dan a try since it is right across the street. They did not disappoint!! Ambiance/Atmosphere: They have modern vibe and décor with some traditional Asian influences. They have indoor, outdoor and bar seating. Again, a place to fit yourContinue reading “DAN DAN (Wayne, PA)”

El Limon (Skippack, PA)

A girls day calls for ordering yummy food! El Limon has several locations, one being right by Casey’s new place (another by our place, so def need to try it). Authentic Mexican food makes for a great afternoon! Ambiance/Atmosphere: We ordered delivery. However some locations are take-out only with Covid, others have small indoor seatingContinue reading “El Limon (Skippack, PA)”

Morgan’s Brooklyn BBQ (KOP)

Coming to Morgan’s Brooklyn BBQ was a recommendation from some coworkers. I thought I should check it out because I would like the food! But honestly I can’t wait to go back to try more off their menu. Ambiance/Atmosphere: Morgan’s is located at KOP Mall. They have a cozy and cute outdoor patio with plentyContinue reading “Morgan’s Brooklyn BBQ (KOP)”

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream (Berwyn, PA)

You know I love ice cream! We always need to find the ice cream spots that are close by. Next to try was Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream just down the main line! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This ice cream spot had a long line, but they had about 4 windows of staff taking orders, so luckily it wentContinue reading “Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream (Berwyn, PA)”

The Lawn at Love Park (Philadelphia)

Next stop for girls weekend was a few more stops up the regional rail to Love Park. When in Philly, stopping by Love Park is a must (specially on a beautiful summer day)! New, is The Lawn at Love Park, a pop up beer garden! Ambiance/Atmosphere: They have a gorgeous garden set up with plentyContinue reading “The Lawn at Love Park (Philadelphia)”

Lola’s Garden (Ardmore, PA)

A girls weekend always requires good food and drinks! After some research and debate, we picked Lola’s Garden in Ardmore. They have only recently opened in the past few months, so they are new. And in all honesty, we made the best decision and I cannot wait to go back! Ambiance/Atmosphere: There is indoor seating,Continue reading “Lola’s Garden (Ardmore, PA)”

Conway Social Club (Lancaster, PA)

Next stop after the Exchange was Conway Social Club for another chill cocktail experience on First Friday. Located above Annie Baileys, you are going to want to check out their chic lounge bar! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This fun spot requires a knock for entry. It gives you speakeasy vibes as you have to knock and wait toContinue reading “Conway Social Club (Lancaster, PA)”