Conway Social Club (Lancaster, PA)

Next stop after the Exchange was Conway Social Club for another chill cocktail experience on First Friday. Located above Annie Baileys, you are going to want to check out their chic lounge bar! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This fun spot requires a knock for entry. It gives you speakeasy vibes as you have to knock and wait toContinue reading “Conway Social Club (Lancaster, PA)”

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Last stop on our weekend trip was Carabbas for a birthday meal! A great family place, with good food and drinks! Ambiance/Atmosphere: I have been to several different locations and they have an open kitchen which is great, table and booth seating as well as the bar. The staff were friendly, welcoming and gave speedyContinue reading “Carrabba’s Italian Grill”

Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)

Does anyone else love breakfast food from a diner?! I don’t know what it is but it’s always delicious, comforting and quick service! We decided to check out Millena’s Diner that is right by down the street. Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute little diner right off route 30 is set up like most diners. Lots of tables,Continue reading “Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)”

The Milkhouse at Oregon Dairy (Lancaster, PA)

It’s late afternoon, Mom and I are not sure if we want lunch or a snack. So we drive around to see what we pass. We decide with ice cream and stop at the Milkhouse at Oregon Dairy. This local family on market has a restaurant and ice cream shop! Basically they can meet allContinue reading “The Milkhouse at Oregon Dairy (Lancaster, PA)”

Surreal Creamery (Bryn Mawr, Pa)

We decided to explore the new surrounding area to see what is close by… but also needed to get ice cream because today is National Ice Cream Day. We stumbled upon Surreal Creamery in Bryn Mawr and I am already dreaming about the next time we can go! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute dessert spot features signatureContinue reading “Surreal Creamery (Bryn Mawr, Pa)”