Bua Loy Cuisine (Devon, Pa)

Cold winter nights, call for warm and comforting dinners! That’s exactly what mom and I were looking for after getting our nails done and it was nearly below freezing temperatures! After some researching the options during the day, we found ourselves at Bua Loy Cuisine.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This place was located in a small strip mall and wasn’t very large. However, seating was comfortable, quaint and gave a welcoming and homey vibe. The staff were very nice, and service was so quick! It is a combination of Laos, Thai and Vietnemese cuisine and they have the décor to match!

Drinks: They do not have huge selection, and we opted to just order water. However they do offer some hot tea and Thai coffee or tea!

Menu: The menu has many options. But to surprise you all, I actually knew what I wanted to order. I know, shocking! We wanted to order options to share and taste as much of the menu as possible. I knew pho was one order since it was so cold out and a noodle dish would be the second since I LOVE noodles. Mom selected the pho with beef meatballs and I selected the late night noodles with pork. Both were so delicious and great comfort food. Mom enjoyed the pho more and I enjoyed the noodles more. It worked out to share, but also for us to enjoy more of our favorites. I really liked the wide rice noodles. They are my favorite. They were sautéed in a garlic soy sauce. It was light yet still very flavorful! I cannot wait to try more of the menu. Click here to check it out!

Tips/Recommendations: They do offer take out, which I do recommend when you are on the go and what good food. However, dining in was a great experience and I would recommend trying it at least one! I would also recommend getting any of the pho or noodle dishes. The flavors are delicious and I do not think you will be disappointed. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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