Mission BBQ (Hagerstown, MD)

Road trips always call for food. Sometimes it’s something fast, quick and on the go. But other times you can sit and enjoy it. On the way back from Tennessee, we stopped at Mission BBQ. I have had Mission BBQ catering once before and enjoyed it. So I was excited to give it a full try!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: The location we stopped out was a part of a mall, but luckily it wasn’t too busy. They have an open kitchen/counter setting that gives a great welcoming vibe. Service was quick and staff were so helpful!

Drinks: They had fountain drinks, including house made teas and lemonades as well as bottle drinks. I was all set and prepared to enjoy a Mountain Dew. I needed some bubbles and caffeine after being stuck in the car. However, the fountain machine was having issues, and I settled for some lemonade LOL. Still delicious but not as satisfying.

Menu: I wasn’t sure what I wanted except for mac and cheese. That was a definite order. After being stuck in the car for so long, I decided on a pulled pork sandwich and a side of mac and cheese. Mom ordered the beef brisket with baked beans and dad ordered the smoked sausage with fries. So we had great variety around the table. May favorite part was sampling their different BBQ sauces and house-made mustards. My favorite sauce was the bay-b-que, a bbq sauce with old bay! It was a great combination and went well with the pulled pork. The mac and cheese gets an 8/10, creamy and cheesy I like the pulled pork and brisket! The smoke sausage was okay, but not something I would order again. It just doesn’t compare to the other meats!  Click here to see more of the menu!

Tips/Recommendations: Check out one of the several locations. I recommend dinning in so you can enjoy the food fresh. But they do offer take out as well as catering. Catering is perfect for parties at home or office! The pulled pork and beef brisket are the must orders with the fries and mac and cheese as the must order sides! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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