Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)

The highlight of day two was Gillette Stadium for a New England Patriot game! As I am sure you guessed, yes I did research the stadium and area. I mean we need to plan around food! LOL The big debate was to get food inside or outside the stadium.

We took the Patriot Train, only for home games, to Foxborough from Boston. This train has 3 different stops in Boston you can get on. But you need to buy your ticket prior. The train got us there about 1.5 hrs. before kickoff. We knew that there would be plenty of food options inside the stadium, but there are soo many options outside the stadium as well. Patriot Place is a whole shopping center with stores and many restaurants. We had narrowed down some options, but it was hard to pick. That and we also wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss too much of the game. That is why we decided to eat inside Gillette.

This was an extremely cold day. Probably a high of 33 degrees, but the wind chill made it feel much colder. We were sitting in the upper level, so we wanted to grab some food and drinks, find our seats and stay put! There were several options throughout the stadium. It was hard to decide, but we selected Backyard BBQ.

We ordered a pulled pork and beef brisket sandwich to share! They were not huge, but they were still filling. I like that they were did not have sauce one them, but a variety of BBQ sauces we could add. The were delicious and we would give them a 8.5 out of 10. And of course we ordered a nice cold Bud Light! Since it was so cold, we did not have to worry about our beers getting cold. Although, it made us colder so we didn’t drink them very fast LOL.

We did stay in our seats majority of the game. I can tell you, it was not the most thrilling game, but we still had a great experience! Sometime towards the end of the third quarter, we needed a potty break and decided we needed a snack break as well. We stopped at The Local Street kitchen for some truffle fries! They were a perfect truffle flavor with parmesan cheese. Perfect crispy outside with a hot and soft inside. They get a 9/10!

As I said, it was not the best game. But Patriots did win and the last 45 seconds of the 4th quarter was the most exciting and best part. The train leaves 30 minutes after the game is over. It was convenient and would would definitely do it again! Though, next time we would like to go to a game in September, when the weather is warmer! LOL But Gillette Stadium is great and I would go to any event there as well and maybe make more of a day of it to check out Patriot Place! But until next…

Live to Eat,

2 thoughts on “Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)

  1. Looked like a great time in spite of the weather. Those fries look and sound amazing. The last minute the game just was the best ending to what looks like a great time!!!

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