La Rana Dorada (Costa del Este)

On our way home for Royal Decameron, we stopped at La Rana Dorada for some brews!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Another spot right around the corner from my cousin’s place! They have great outdoor patio and indoor seating. The staff were very welcoming and even gave us a sampler to taste all the beers!

Drinks: They have a great list of beers. I had narrowed down some options, but the samler definitely helped to determine what to order. I don’t remember what I decided on (this is what happens when I get so far behind on writing LOL). But I do remember it being refreshing and delicious!

Menu: We did not order food, but we did see some tables get pizzas, and they looked and smelled so delicious!

Tips/Recommendations: Stop by for their happy hour. Ask for samples if you are not sure. Order the food. We were not hungry, but I am telling you that food looked delicious! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat (& Drink),

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