San Blas Islands Tour (Panama Caribbean Coast Side)

Hi friends! Sorry I have been so behind on sharing all food and adventures. I still have more of Panama to share, along with Boston, Tennessee, recipes and more! We are going to try and knock them out before the end of the year. You may see multiple posts per day to get these out before the new year (which there may be too many and not enough time), but here we go!

Our next adventure day in Panama was a day tour to San Blas Islands. Fun Fact: If you are familiar with Money Heist on Netflix (I am not LOL), these are the islands it was filmed. San Blas islands are home to the indigenous Kuna population. During this tour we were able to explore 4 of 365 of islands on this all day tour. We had an early wake-up call as our driver arrived around 5:30am for pick up. It was about a 3 hour drive to the port. We stopped half way at a gas station to refuel, buy snacks and potty break. Which was good because the second half of the drive was an adventure. I am not kidding either. It was so bumpy, potholes everywhere, hill climbs all of it. My 45min exercise ring on my watch closed during this portion of the drive, that is how bumpy of an adventure it was LOL. Needless to say we were very excited to reach the port, even if it was to hop right into a boat to our first island stop!

Again for this tour we were able to pack a small cooler with refreshments aka beers and water. Hot island days you need to stay hydrated … with both! HAHA. Our first boat ride was a quick 20-30 minutes to island number 1, Dog Island. We spent most of our time here and had lunch (included in the tour). We had a few options for lunch, but we all chose fish. I mean we were on an island, so it is only right to order fish! I opted to have it with French fries and it was a great pair! It was a relaxing morning in the sun and I was able to snorkel around a ship wreck for a bit as well. After enjoying lunch we enjoyed the clear, cool water and the warm sun a bit longer before we boarded the boat to our next destination.

Next destination is one of the San Blas natural pools. More beautiful clear, blue crystal waters that you can stand swim or explore more! It’s vast views are amazing and breathtaking. It makes you not want to leave. We hopped back on the boat to another natural pool with a small island for more views and picture opportunities.

Last stop was another beach island, that you could enjoy the sun and sand, swim the crystal blue waters, take in the views or sit out on the bar deck. There are several variations of tour when you come to these islands. Some islands have huts that you can actually stay overnight. You will want to be prepared to stay in hot island conditions though! Lol It was a bit of a long day, and the drive back home was bumpy and long again. However, the islands alone do make it worth it! I do however, recommend not going if you are easily car sick. It is not for everyone! Overall I give the tour a 8.5/10. It was a great day of sightseeing, taking in some history of the Kuna population and a relaxing island beach day with a drink in hand. It was perfect!

Live to Eat (& Travel),

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