La Talanquera del Este (Costa de Este)

After a day of sight seeing and exploring Panama City, refuel and food were needed. We let it up to dad to pick the dinner selection. We stumbled upon La Talanquera in Costa del Este, only a few blocks from my cousin’s place, and they offer Venezuelan food. Dad took a peep at the menu and saw pork belly, and he was sold!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This foot truck is not traveling/movable. It is stationary with great patio like outdoor season that is covered. It was the perfect outdoor dining experience! Staff were very friendly, welcoming and made the best recommendations.

Drinks: They have a variety of drinks, both local and Venezuela based. They had drinks, liquor and beer. Beer was ordered and I decided to try a Papelón con limón. I will say, I thought it was an alcoholic beverage (LOL language barrier). But I wasn’t disappointed that it was not. It was similar to a sweet tea and it was refreshing (8/10). It was on the sweeter side, but still very delicious.

Menu: The menu was full a great options, smoked meats and yummy foods. We ordered to share around the table, it was the best of all worlds. We started with cachapa, which was similar to a cheese quesadilla but made with corn meal instead of a tortilla. Essentially cornmeal pancakes filled with cheese 9/10! Pork Belly was order (obviously LOL). It is both mine and dads favorite. It was smoked, tender, and perfectly crispy and still very juicy. 10/10. Finally we shared the smoked meat plater. It had sausage, chorizo, pork, beef, fried plantains and more! it gets a 8.5/10. It was delicious and the meats were tender and flavorful. For me, it just wasn’t as good as the pork belly. LOL

Tips/Recommendations: First you should go and try it. After looking them up online, they do have a location in San Fransisco. So you can definitely try is state side as well! If you are a fan of sweet tea, then try the Papelón con limón. Definitely order the cachapa and pork belly. They are the must orders. And as always, try something new every time you go.

Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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