Mi Ranchito (Panama City, Panama)

Next review, Mi Ranchito, was a delicious lunch with a view right on the causeway.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This open space patio was the perfect outdoor dining experience. They even had a deck with a small pool and bar! There’s lots of seating, a bar. It gives a bit of an island vibe, perfect setting for a vacation meal.

Drinks: A variety of drink options including wine, cocktails, frozen drinks and beer. We all decided to order beer. I ordered a Panama light. It was refreshing, crisp and paired well with seafood! Local beer I give a 9/10, plus its super affordable (compared to the states LOL).

Menu: We knew we wanted to order seafood. The fact that they were out of calamari and octopus did make the decision a bit harder. We decided to start with ceviche. We ordered the fish and shrimp. Both camp with crispy, fried plantains. They were fresh, with a hint of lime and citrus. I preferred the fish (local white fish, corvina) over the shrimp, but both get a 9/10. They were the perfect starter for lunch. While seeing what other tables ordered, we then added an order of the clams in garlic sauce to the starters. They get a 10/10 so fresh and garlicky! All that was missing was fresh bread to soak up the delicious sauce. We tried to order some, but no such luck in it making it to the table LOL.

For the main course we ordered the house special fish, corvina, salmon and a seafood platter that included more garlic clams, fried corvina, shrimp, squid and octopus. We picked a variety of sides: plain white rice, coconut rice and plantains. Everything gets a 10/10 and honestly I wish I had all the fresh seafood right now as I type this! LOL. My cousin wanted to have some coffee after our meal, so obviously mom and I had to look at the menu. When I saw they had tres leche cake, it was a no brainer and a must order! We are so happy that we did as it gets an 11/10. It was perfectly moist and not too sweet at all. It paired perfectly with out cafe mocha’s. Click here to check out the full menu!

Tips/Recommendations: Try everything? Lol I would definitely add this to the list of must try places while in Panama City. Definitely order seafood. I would say it is their speciality. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and they had NFL games playing, so it is a great sports atmosphere. And as always, try something new every time you!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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