Rice and Noodles (Lancaster, PA)

Every now and then, I have a real Pho or rice noodle craving! But honestly, the place that has the best of both is Rice and Noodles. If you haven’t ordered from here yet – what have you been waiting for?!?!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Since Covid, they have changed to take out only. But their Sprout location does have dine-in! Staff are still friendly and bring your take out right to your car!

Drinks: They have a variety of drinks you can order for take out. I typically do not order, as most are better in the sit down setting, but doesn’t mean you can’t order them!

Menu: They have a big selection on the menu! My go-to orders are one of the spring rolls, a vermicelli salad bowl or pho. I try to mix it up when I can, it all depends on my mood. I have recently ordered from them twice trying to get different items each time! Some of my favorite spring rolls are the shrimp, the shrimp and pork or the pork sausage!

The vermicelli salad bowls are perfect for the summer. Light, refreshing and delicious. I love getting the pork sausage, grilled pork or the added pork skin! Their rice platters with chicken or pork chop are just as good. Basically there is no wrong order LOL. Lia and recently ordered out and then ended with the most perfect dessert. Ida Garten recommends keeping limoncello in the freezer and them pouring over vanilla ice cream. We only had lemon and lavender lemon whiskey in the freezer – but it DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. It will be my go to dessert, probably until the bottle is empty LOL. Click here to see the full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: Honestly, the spring rolls are my favorite and you get three in an order. I would say they are a must order! The pho is delicious, and take out they separate all ingredients so you can combined how you wish at home! Definitely order the vermicelli salad bowls, especially in the summer time. They are perfect! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

2 thoughts on “Rice and Noodles (Lancaster, PA)

  1. It’s been a long time since I went there. You are right you can’t go wrong with anything you order. My go to in the colder months is the beef stew with rice noodles. The flavor is amazing. Beef is tender. Carrots are cooked to perfection. You also get bean sprouts and basil to add. We will need to go since this isn’t in dads option list any more.


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