Gracie’s (Leola, PA)

Who loves breakfast food, especially bacon🥓?! I know I do🙋🏽‍♀️ and so does my mom! Gracie’s it the next place you want to check out; it is one of our favorites!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: They have ample seating in several rooms around a business building. It’s open, inviting and spacious! You will see chalkboards filled with staff designs, quotes and more! It is a great family owned restaurant that creates a great family atmosphere!

Drinks/Coffee: Gracie’s has a full coffee bar (one you could sit at and dine before covid) as well as specializing in fresh squeezed orange juice! Both mom and I ordered a mocha peanut butter latte and they get a 10/10! Delicious combination for a perfect morning. Dad ordered a plain black coffee! Gracie’s also is BYOB if you want to level up your breakfast!

Menu: It’s not a huge menu, but it does have quite the list of options and variety. So it may take you time to decide what you want. We all decided to order something different to share with everyone at the table. Bacon was also ordered. As I have said before this is the spot for bacon. We decided to order the regular bacon and an order of the sweet chili garlic bacon (10/10 for both). Dad decided to order the breakfast burrito (9/10)

Mom ordered the Huevos Rancheros (9/10) and I ordered the double bacon egg and cheese grilled cheese sandwich (10/10). Everything was so tasty and filling! The burrito was massive; it would be harder to eat it all in one sitting. The chorizo has a good kick to it, but it is so yummy. Click here to see the full menu!

Tips/Recommendations: They can get busy pretty fast. Try to get there around the time that they open or call ahead to make a reservation. If you have a bigger party, you definitely want to make a reservation! Bacon is a must order. The sweet chili garlic flavor is our new favorite. Our server said they use it in grilled cheese at lunch and now mom and I need to go back and have it! If you cannot decided on what bacon to order they order one the sampler platters to try more than one. The samplers are a preselect offering. However, our server did say they thought of the idea to create your own sampler – which we agree would be a great idea! They do have lots of options, but you cannot go wrong with what ever you order. My favorite is any one of the breakfast sandwiches. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Gracie’s (Leola, PA)

  1. It was delicious. As Maria said I love bacon and going out for breakfast. That hardest thing it to make a decision. Yes baca is a must and I love their homemade chorizo. Can’t wait to go again. 🙂 10/10

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