Buffalo Wild Wings (KOP)

Looking to watch a big game or multiple sporting events as well as have some good bar food. Buffalo Wild Wings is one go-to spot for exactly that! They offer great convenience and deals for take-out. But every now and then it is great to go out and enjoy when you do not have to clean up the mess LOL.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This location is fairly new and like most locations. They have plenty of TVs, so you can watch the game you want from any seat in the house. There are tables, booths high tops and a bar that wraps around to the patio side as well. Patio has garage doors that can slid open in the warm weather days or stay close to keep you warm! Staff are friendly and the atmosphere is always in a cheering mood, unless your team is losing LOL. Also, expect to have plenty of Philly sport fans and their opinions.

Drinks/Cocktails: As true to sports bars, BWW has a wide variety of draft and bottle beer as well as cocktails, wine and drinks. Specials or seasonal features can help you decide what you want. This time around, the drinks ordered were a Kona big wave draft and a Hennessy Punch cocktail.

Menu: As said in the name, wings are a great order. They have other great apps, entrees, sandwiches and even mac and cheese! But wings won out this trip. Wings can be ordered with one of the dry rubs or one of the variety of sauces! Some of the favorites and go-orders include spicy garlic sauce, lemon pepper dry rub, hot sauce or parmesan garlic sauce. However, I always order the potato wedges (they are better than the fries because I find them too skinny and blah). But order the salt and vinegar dry rub on the potato wedges for a level up taste! Click here to see the full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: If you plan to go during a big game, or Sunday football, make sure you plan accordingly because it can get busy really quickly and you do not want to miss you game. Always ask about drink specials and check out if there are any happy hour specials as well. If you plan to be there for the whole game, it’s good to get the most bank for your buck! Definitely try the wings once. I recommend getting the sauce on the side, so you have the crispiest wings! Any of the dry rubs can be put on the fries or wedges. I still recommend the wedges over fries, but don’t be afraid to level up that potato! Take advantage of their take-out specials, like the wing bundles! And as always, try something new every time you.

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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