California Tortilla (KOP)

Next lunch place to highlight in the mall food court is California Tortilla.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Cali Tort is also located in the upper food court. So again, plenty of seating all around as well as lots of options. Not only was it decorated for the holiday season but there was also a band playing live holiday jazz music to set the mood!

Drinks: Another place with a great variety of fountain drinks and bottled drinks. Though I miss my milk shakes and homemade lemonades/teas LOL.

Menu: Cali Tort has a wide of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, bowls and nachos. They have a menu of recipes or you can create your own! You will also never miss heat factor as Cali Tort offers a whole shelf of hot sauce options for the spicy food lovers out there. Be careful though, they have some killer hot sauces! I ordered the nachos with carnitas. They were piled up with the goods and flavor. It was a huge portion and I ordered to-go thinking I would not finish it all. BUT I was hungrier than I though and ate it all! I give it a 9/10! They house made chips are thin but crispy!

Tips/Recommendations: If you are not sure what to order, start with one of their recipes. If you order the nachos, order them to-go. Although, I ate all of mine I do not regret ordering to-go. They put my queso on the side, so my chips didn’t get too soggy! If you like hot sauce, then you must try the wide variety of flavors and heat levels they offer. And as always, order something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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