Chili’s (King of Prussia)

Okay, first thing is first: I love Chili’s! It is one of my go to places for cheap margs, chips and salsa. Buttttt I will say our last trip was probably one of our worst experiences. I think I will blame that on this location because I still love Chili’s LOL. It also didn’t help that we started off the night of saying lets go to a sports bar, then it was Dan Dan, then PF Changs. We really couldn’t agree on a spot. Andy said let’s do Plaza Azteca and I said YES! Then last minute he changed his mind to Chili’s (they are across the street from each other). So we hyped it up because we’ve had great times before, and this time around fell short.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Most Chili’s I have been too have great table and booth seating as well as a bar! Andy and I enjoy sitting at bar to watch the sporting events (and service is typically quicker, typically). This past time we sat at the bar and watched some NBA and college football. It was a bit busy and they were under staff but the bartender was great!

Drinks/Cocktails: Obviously margarita’s are the way to go. I will typically order the presidente or the margarita of the month! This time around Andy ordered the margarita on the month, a Jack Apple marg (8/10) and I ordered the blackberry margarita (10/10). It is my favorite one on the menu! But they also have beer, wine and other cocktails. Their to-go margs were a life-saver during covid LOL.

Menu: Chips and salsa are my go to app (if you sign up for the rewards like me … then they are free!). This time around Andy wanted guacamole …you won’t see a picture, because we never got it. 🙄 it’s sad when I don’t have their yummy chips! We both were starving and decided to order the smokehouse combos. I love that it comes with Texas Toast, fries and street corn! I ordered the chicken crispers and brisket quesadilla (but also got the smokehouse sausage). Andy ordered the ribs, chicken crispers and brisket quesadilla. We ordered the honey chipotle sauce on the side (but didn’t get it until we had asked for to-go boxes). HOWEVER, the food was so delicious 9/10! Click here to see the full menu!

Tips/Recommendations: Sign up for rewards for free chips and salsa! Chicken crispers – order them! Sauce on the side so they are extra crispy!!! They are a 12/10!!!! I usually order the triple dipper appetizer as an entree because I like the sliders, chicken crispers and cheese curds! You get to taste a bit of it all. The street corn is also delicious and you can order it as a side, which I do when I order the triple dipper. They have a great to-go menu, including margaritas!! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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