Surreal Creamery (Bryn Mawr, Pa)

We decided to explore the new surrounding area to see what is close by… but also needed to get ice cream because today is National Ice Cream Day. We stumbled upon Surreal Creamery in Bryn Mawr and I am already dreaming about the next time we can go!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute dessert spot features signature Vietnamese flavors and favorites including Floteas (bubble tea with ice cream). They are also known for their “instagramable” dessert mason jars. They have several locations starting in NYC and NJ as well. Bryn Mawr is a cute shop with an open counter were you can order and watch the staff create all the magic. The staff were so welcoming and very helpful, because I did not know what to order! There is some seating inside as well as space right outside that you can enjoy your delicious dessert.

Menu: Like I said, they have a variety of Floteas made with classic milk teams and fruit teas. You can also order ice cream with toppings in a cup, their signature mason jar or in a form of a milkshake. They have a variety of signature recipes of all their items or you can create your own. Their ice cream flavor options is a big list. Traditional flavors as well as Vietnamese Ice coffee, earl grey, taro flavored ice creams and much more!

Ordered milk shake with their Monster Cookie ice cream flavor and Oreos and gets a 9/10. You could add up to 4 toppings in you create your own if you like. I ordered the mason jar Nom Nom Cookie as recommend by the staff. It is Blue Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Syrup, Cookie Crisp, Marshmallows, and Oreos. It was BOMB, a 10/10. Click here to see their few menu and online ordering!

Tips/Recommendations: The first tip is that you definitely need to go and try this place out. If you like bubble tea, then this is the place for you! When you look at the prices, they are a bit high. However, order the mason jar because you get a lid to take home and save the rest of you can’t finish it (like me). If you do order the mason jar, then eat at the shop. We walked back to the car to make our way home and I had a melted mess everywhere (please see above picture)😆. You will want to eat it down and have the lid ready, before you leave LOL. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Surreal Creamery (Bryn Mawr, Pa)

  1. Well I’m not a fan of bubble tea but would definitely try the ice cream. The mason jar looks huge. No way could you eat that in one seating lol

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