Surfing Crab (Lewes, DE)

I love taking beach trips, even just for the day. I could sit on the beach all day, but some don’t always love being in the sun LOL. Typically pick Rehoboth Beach area because we then have options for shopping (OUTLETS!) and good food before we make our way back home. This time we decided to try and find a new spot to eat. This trip crabs were the mood but real food as well. We found the Surfing Crab in Lewes. They offer crabs by the half dozen, dozen or all you can eat! Plus they had a menu of other food items. It was a day of about 5 hours on the beach and few hours of shopping before we went to Surfing Crab. Needless to say, we were both starving and ready to get our grub on.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: A classic crab place with the tables covered in brown paper. They have outside seating, and a variety of seating inside, plus seating at the bar. The staff were awesome. Every one helps get the food and crabs out speedy and the servers continually check on you to make sure you have everything you need! It is a great place for the whole family and definitely a spot to get some crabs or seafood! I think another great positive about this place is the location. It is right off the main strip of Route 1, but it’s not in the busy section. So when it is our last stop before we head home, we miss most of the traffic in the congested areas! Made the ride home barely 2 hrs.!

Cocktails/Drinks: They have a full bar, with beers on draft and by the bottle! You could order draft beers by the pitcher as well. We both ordered a Blue Moon. It was the perfect summer drink for seafood eats! After a day on the beach, however, we were more inclined to have water and stay hydrated.  Next time I am thinking we can do a beer pitcher or cocktail!

Menu: As I said they have crabs but also other items on the menu. We started off by ordering some appetizers. We ordered the spiced shrimp (1/2 pound) and the fried oysters. We give both 10/10. The Shrimp were plump and juicy. The fried oysters were big and coated with a crispy batter that was still very light. They were made to order, because they came out still very hot to the point that you could barely peel the shrimp without taking breaks! LOL. Our entrees and crabs came out next.

We decided to order just a half dozen of crabs to go with the crab cakes ordered and the crab cake mac and cheese I ordered. It was definitely more food than what was needed, but we were hungry and in the mood for crabs LOL. The crab cakes were fried (you could order them broiled as well) and they were crispy on the outside with jumbo lump crab pieces in the middle. They were amazing! They came with fries and corn as well. The fries were perfectly golden brown, salty and satisfying (10/10). The mac and cheese was creamy and cheesy with broccoli as well! It was then topped with a crab cake (10/10). Neither one of us finished our entrees, because we wanted to eat the crabs. They were made to order and came out hot as well. We ordered the selects (the smallest size) and they came out big, juicy and seasoned well with old bay (10/10). They were so good and meaty, my mouth is watering now just writing about them. I do wish that I had some more to take home, but they are not always as good as left overs than when they are fresh. Overall we had a great experience and meal and will probably be back again soon! To see their full menu click here!

Tips/Recommendations: If you are looking to eat crabs, then the best option is the all you can eat crabs. You get more bank for your buck, because you get unlimited fries, coleslaw and hush puppies as well! Ordering and paying by the half or full dozen can be pricey (we learned the hard way LOL).  But it was definitely worth it! But I think next time I am in the mood for crabs, I will order all you can eat. If you enjoy fried oysters, then we definitely recommend giving them a try! Actually all the food we ordered we would recommend and we would recommend then you take a look at the menu before you go so you can see your options! But be warned, reading it will make you hungry. LOL As always, try something new every time you go.

Rating (10/10)
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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