A request to make Chimichurri was made – so I had to give it a go. I think I have tasted it maybe once, but I have never made it myself. So I turned to my Food Network App for recipes and ideas!

I decided to to follow Ree Drummond’s recipe. I used my food processor and it was super easy to make. I used the juice of 3 limes and it was about 4 oz. of lime juice. I am not sure I got the right consistency as it was thin, but it was very delicious. I think next time I will use more herbs to balance out the lime juice.

We had our chimichurri with steak. It was fresh and balanced with steak perfectly! I give it a 9/10 rating. We had salmon the next night and it paired perfectly with that as well! A big SHOUT OUT to Lindsey for the recommendation! I would definitely make chimichurri again. She also recommended to have some with potatoes and she was right. It went perfectly with the mashed potatoes I made!

Have you made chimichurri before? I would love to try another recipe – comment below with your favorite recipe.

Live to Eat,

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