Joey’s Pizza (Thorndale, PA)

Although I made homemade cheesesteak sandwiches, sometimes you just need to have someone else make it for you, am I right??!? Joey’s Pizza is our neighborhood go to spot for cheesesteaks.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Joey’s just recently remodeled, so currently no indoor seating but take out is always an option. The fresh new inside is brighter, warm and still very welcoming!

Cocktails/Drinks: They offer a variety of drinks, sodas and beer to go!

Menu: This is our go to sport for cheesesteaks! They have a variety of steak and chicken steaks. My favorite is the buffalo chicken cheese steak. It has chicken, blue cheese and buffalo sauce. What makes their cheesesteaks so amazing is the rolls. They use Liscio’s rolls and they are the best. You’ve probably had them before as many places use them. If you haven’t, you should find a place and try them! Joey’s also has pizza, wings, salad, subs and more!

Tips/Recommendations: First, try any of the cheesesteaks. With so many options, call ahead for take out. If you like blue cheese and buffalo combinations, definitely order the the buffalo chicken cheesesteak! Or try one of the subs or sandwiches. Basically try anything with a Liscio’s roll! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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