Cheesesteak Sandwiches

While shopping at Lidl, I came across some items on sale, including shaved beef. Seeing as they had their own bakery in the store – this inspired me to make some cheesesteak sandwiches! Turns out last week was National Cheesesteak day when I made these! I went back around the store at Lidl and grabbed their dinner rolls, provolone cheese. I had peppers and onions, and sauce at home!

Chop up the peppers and onions. Heat the cast iron pan with oil and butter on medium-high heat. Once the pan has heated, add the peppers, onions and shaved beef. I season with a bit of salt, white pepper and beef seasoning. I cook them until the beef has browned.

Lidl’s homemade rolls, I would give a 10/10! They were delicious. I added the cheese, mushrooms, beef, peppers and onions on the rolls. Then I toped with a bit of sauce. I had some pizza sauce in the freezer that I used. So it ended up being more of a pizza steak sandwich. But it was delicious! Not the best cheesesteak sandwich I ever had – but a great homemade steak sandwich! We had some left over fresh cut fries that we reheated in the air fryer. They were the perfect side dish!

What is your favorite type of cheesesteak or your favorite toppings? Do you have a favorite place to get cheesesteaks?! Comment below!👇🏽

Live to Eat,

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