Yard House (KOP)

The Yard House stays true to their sign and THEY. DO. NOT. DISAPPOINT.
They have great food ✅ classic rock music ✅ and the largest selection of draft beers! ✅ When I first discovered and walked into the Yard House, it was because of what their sign said. “Great food, classic rock and beer selection, it sounds like our place to check out!” So we did and we keep coming back!

Honestly, if you have not been here yet, add it to your list, NOW! Even if you do not like beer, they have delicious cocktails! But to be honest, the food alone is a great reason to go!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: You get the sports bar vibe with plenty of TVs but the great classic rock music. The music makes the experience in my opinion. Just ask anyone that comes with me… I sing pretty much every song, between the bites, sips and mmmmmm’s. The staff are always friendly and its a welcoming environment.

Cocktails/Drinks: It’s the largest draft beer selection- but flights are available! I can’t even begin to tell you which beers you should get 😆 But they also have ciders and hard seltzers on draft if that’s more your thing! Their cocktails are just as good too. If you still have a hard time deciding, they do offer preset flights for you to order. Or ask the bartender! Every time we’ve gone, the bartender always had great recommendations!

Menu: Where do I even start?!? Appetizers – yes get them! Poke nachos, cheese curds, calamari, onion rings and traditntal wings. You want to try them all! Poke nachos are my favorite. The tacos 🤤 with any filling, you cannot go wrong. Level up that taco and ask for the vampire style; its a cheese crusted tortilla! Poke salad bowl, pepperoni & mushroom pizza, Kurobuta Pork Burger, and mac and cheese. ALL SO GOOD! Taste them all. The Kurobuta Pork Burger is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and my favorite. I highly recommend. And of course you cannot forget dessert. Pre-covid they had a mini dessert sampler that was delicious. But my favorite is the mini cheesecake brûlée!

UPDATE (4/8/21): Ahi sashimi is a delicious app. If you love seared ahi or sashimi, this is a definite try!

Tips/Recommendations: Again, I can stress enough to try something new every time you go! There hasn’t been one item that has been a disappointment or I wouldn’t get again. Try new beers ever time you go too. If we can ever go back to the pre-covid dinning then I recommend sitting at the bar! It’s a great way to enjoy drinks, food and the bartenders are awesome!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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